Spesifications of Market:

  • End legs are with 30 * 70 * 2,00mm profiles with 35 pitches and there are adjustable ball joints on the bases.
  • Back panels are 0,60mm, perforated back panels are 1,00mm thickness and it provides ease of installation with its claw-click feature.
  • Metal shelves are 300/400 0,70mm, 500/600 0,80mm thickness and reinforced. Brackets are 300 2,00mm, 400 2,50mm, 500/600 3,00mm thickness. They have 3 claws and fit easily to the shelf. Shelves can be used inclined and straight.
  • You can spesify the base and shelf floor according to your preference.
  • With store accessories, you can diversify the products according to your needs and usage area.

You can review our catalog for size, color and accessory options.

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