Kafkas Shelving, whose foundation was laid in 1978 with the production of aluminum accessories, started to produce accessories and hanger systems in 2004 and market & warehouse systems in 2010. It continues its production by developing the modern product range for the needs of the sector with the production of store, supermarket shelves, steel shelving and stand equipment, wire forming and metal sheet forming.

In its factory in Bursa NOSAB Organized Industrial Zone, 4000 m2 closed 500 m2 open area and 4500 m2 in total, with its experienced and technical staff, the machine park compatible with the special manufacturing system, rollform lines, robot welding lines, press lines, electrostatic powder paint facility performing sensitive production, KAFKAS SHELVING SYSTEMS LTD. serve to all over the world and also to Turkish domestic market.


Our vision is to increase the market share, competitive power and create sustainable customer satisfaction by improving the production technology, quality management system and human resources in the light of the innovative studies in order to continuously improve the product and service quality of our company and become one of the leading companies in the sector.


To provide fast solutions to the needs of our customers in the field of Store & Supermarket Equipments and warehouse systems, quality product service and competitive prices to provide high level customer satisfaction. In addition, our company has diversified its strategic position in the sector with its quality products and fast service understanding.

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