Usage of Supermarket Shelves out of Supermarkets


As we name them Supermarket Shelf; Supermarket Aisle, Supermarket Shelving Unit or Supermarket Shelving Systems or Shop Aisles; they are not just for Supermarkets but have wide usage area. They can bu used in a wide variety of stores such as toy rack, toy aisle, toy stores, stationery shelving systems, glassware shelving systems, hardware shelf types, household appliances shelves etc..

Wire accessories for supermarket shelves

Types of wire accessories for supermarkets and shops, all with Kafkas Shelving visuals,


Accessories which are highly requested by our supermarket and shop customers provides functionality and tidyness for their shelves.


Fulfilling requests of valuable customers, Kafkas Shelving expanded its product variety from wire accessories to supermarket&shop shelving systems, archive racking systems, light-medium duty racking systems. Therefore, Kafkas Shelving has grown successfully over the past 14 years and still keeps growing.




Why you need wire fron fences at supermarket shelving systemss?

As you can see in the image below, front wires have been designed to keep your products on the shelves stronger, more organized and safe. Because of that, they are implemented by retailers in supermarket&shop shelving systems.




öntel uygulama


Read more coming soon;)

What are wall display systems?


Kafkas Raf Sistemleri

We wanted to explain the Wall Display Systems as much as possible with our sample application. Let’s check our article;

We name all the products that play a role in the creation of shelves as “wall display systems”. These wall display systems are commonly used in merchandising. They are used especially at shelving systems for clothing, jewelery, cosmetics, household appliances, pet shop, dowry store, book store, stationery, shoe store, pharmacy, optician etc…

Duvar Teşhir Uyg

As shown at the picture above, F uprights (which are commontly prefered by the customers) which holds U hangers and brackets are fixed to the wall firstly.

Than with intervals according to customers’ need, brackets are attached and shelf put on them. Below them, U hanger and beams and straight hangers compatible with beams (walking stick shape) attached. And at last, shelving system is ready as shown above.

You can make completely different combinations for your shelving system in your store, and you can prepare a visual and functional presentation by choosing any of the other types of walking stick shape hangers, straight hangers, rails and brackets according to your needs.


You can just click here to check product types that you might need for your shelving system.


Light duty racking systems.

mini rack raf-sistem



If we talk about the usage areas of our Kafkas Sheving Light Duty Racking Systems, which are produced with high quality materials and optional sizes;

You can use it as File Racks, Document Racks, Folder Racks, Account Racks, Archive Racks, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Storage Racks, Grocery and Store Storage Racks, Box Racks, Textile and / or Garment Racks. It is also very suitable for use in your home’s garages. The area of use in one place actually depends on your imagination. Do not hear from us, we even heard about those who use these shelves in the dressing room at home;)

We also want to add thatwe can produce them in different colours. For another technical detail please click.

Why are bolted steel shelf systems preferred and where are they used?


One of the major reasons why Steel Rack Systems are preferred is that their usage areas in archiving and storage systems are wider. The reason that institutions and organizations mostly prefer Steel Shelf Systems is that they are durable, have aesthetic appearance and they are low cost.



Steel Shelves are determined and produced according to the load that they will be loaded and also material they will carry.

Steel Shelves are also don’t have side affects on health.

Steel Shelf Systems can meet all our needs due to the wide usage areas and comfortable use. Lets give some example to some usage areas such as; Folder Shelves, Document Shelves, File Shelves, Accounting Shelves, Archive Shelves, Pharmacy and Medicine Warehouse Shelves, Supermarket and Store Warehouse Shelves, Shelves for Boxes, Textile-Apparel Shelves.



Steel Shelving Systems does not pose danger at natural disasters due to its safety assembly. Steel Shelving Systems are one of our most produced and positive feed backed products. Steel Shelving Systems can be shipped in optional boxes of 5pcs ech and 10pcs each even after the production is completed. Also lets add that we have different colour options for production.




About Display Baskets, With the taste of coffee and cookie, like chatting

As seen below, we classify our display baskets at 4 main group. If you ask how we classify them, than we can say that we classify them according to purpose and area of usage. Although we will talk in general about our basket groups in this article, we would like to inform our valuable consumers that we will be mentioning each of our baskets in detail in near future.


We actually see these baskets that we produce in many areas. We visit markets, shops, toy shops, Japanese markets, glassware and even grocery stores almost every day. Display baskets that we manufacture affect the customers of these shops by organizing their products and helps customers to make decision for purchasing.


Our Promotion Pools and Action Baskets with Optional Flats can be moved easily thanks to its wheels and and this makes it easy to make changes in the placement of products within the store.

In addition to our basket groups, the production of double-decker pool and upper basket types, which are shown on the side, in special project basket demands, in the desired dimensions of 70 × 120, 80 × 120, 60 × 80, are also carried out by the Kafkas Shelving Ltd manufacturing team.

We are constantly updating our works, you can get technical details for our basket groups from here.

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